If a Picture is worth a Thousand words...its definItely worth a tip.

A community can often be measured by the inspirational fan works and art that it creates. Star Wars, and by extension, the Star Wars RPG, is no different. This is why we are promoting artists here. People who create beautiful works for the community deserve to be supported by the community. We hope you support them as well.

Allan aka 'Raynn'

  • Specialty - Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures inspired tokens and full character art, in addition to 3D model design for props (examples; lightsabers, weapons, holocrons, etc).

  • Contact - Commissions open!

  • About - Long-time star wars role-player and artist, Raynn uses his little free time while finishing up his medical degree to churn out Star Wars RPG artwork, and live the life of the Forever GM. Utilizes Krita, Inkscape, and Blender, in workflow, though always expanding their toolset.

Emily aka 'Falafel'

  • Specialty - Line-art consistent with the stylings of the SWRPG Role Playing Game. Color upon request.

  • Contact -

    • Kofi - Contact for Commissions

    • Falafel#9367 on Discord

  • About - Fashion Designer by day, Sci-Fi/Fantasy artist and GM by night. Emily uses her 8+ years of experience as an apparel CAD Artist to create imaginative equipment and armor for TTRPG players, currently specialize in items for SWRPG but is always up to branching out! Beware, file names may contain puns.

Felix aka 'PufferfishGuy Art'

  • Specialty - Sigils, RPG tokens and character art.

  • Contact -

  • About - Creator of the Astral Conflicts RPG Token packs, an artistic soul trapped in a bank employee's body who sinks his teeth into a wide variety of creative projects in his spare time.


  • Specialty - Star Wars and Fantasy top-down tokens.

  • Contact -

  • About - Max XIII is a long-time user of the SWRPG Community Discord, and the community had the benefit of watching them create their excellent "A-Z Star Wars token" project.

Will Nunes

  • Specialty - Solo Character and ensemble art, with a distinct FFG artistic style.

  • Contact -

  • About - Will Nunes might as well be synonymous with "SWRPG Character Art." Being incredibly prolific and highly-appreciated. He's potentially the busiest artist in the fandom. Be prepared to wait, but know the wait is well worth. See more of his work on the cleverly-named fan discord - #SendNunes