Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Edge of the Empire / Age of Rebellion / Force and Destiny?

Each of these represents one of three campaign systems. They all abide by similar rules, the same dice, and of course, the Star Wars settings. Most importantly, the games are interchangeable! Edge of the Empire, the first of the three games, focuses on scum and villainy, the scoundrels scraping by on the fringes of the war. Age of Rebellion offers adventures for characters fighting in the galactic civil war with the Rebel Alliance. Force and Destiny gives players a chance to explore what it would be like as the remnants of the Jedi hunted by the Empire. Again - the systems are all cross-compatible. Don't feel like you need to limit your game to one!

Where do I start?

It is recommended for players new to RPGs and SWRPG in particular to take advantage of the "Beginner Game" products. These are standalone "lite" versions of the main games that offer all the things you need to run a game for 2-4 PCs + 1 GM for 3-5 hours. Taking place in a linear adventure with pre-made characters, each encounter in the adventure introduces you to the rules of the system, very similar to a tutorial you may see in a video game. If you're sure that you and your group want to play SWRPG then you can skip the beginner box, pick up a core rulebook. Need a group of friends? Check the Discord. We're a friendly bunch. Be sure to mention you're new, and people will be happy to help.

How do I play on Discord?

To join the Community Discord Server click here.

You have many options to play Star Wars RPG online, ranging from Roll20 to Tabletop Simulator to even right on the Discord server, or on your own! As the game is played through small groups of around 5, finding people to smaller group to play with within this Discord is necessary. On the Community Discord server, play is supported by several bots. Namely @D1-C3, @The Force, and @RPG Sessions. These bots enable you to roll dice, quickly determine results, and even track character stats! You are welcome to either (a) invite these bots to your own server and set up your game there or (b) play on the Star Wars RPG (FFG) Discord server. To do the latter, give yourself the Game Master role in #server-roles and then go to #➕create-table. There you will be given your own private campaign text channel to roll dice privately and set up your game with your friends.(edited)

Do you cater to Saga / D6 / 5e / or other Star Wars RPGs?
While this website is predominantly built around FFG and EDGE's systems, we do welcome our Star Wars RPG friends to use the facilities on this website or on the Discord. Feel free to post questions in the forums, on the Discord, or recruit for your campaigns, no matter the system (so long as it is a tabletop RPG).

I don't have access to a physical copy of the rulebook, can I still play?

Yes! While the core rulebook offers a way more in-depth explanation of the rules and systems that govern this game, the system can really be boiled down to prompts by the Game Master: "You've encountered a locked holo-door, what do you?" and skill checks by the Player: "I try and unlock it by dismantling the access panel. I roll a mechanics check to see if it works". The being said, please watch this video to be equipped with the fundamentals of play so that you can play through a variety of the free and homebrew adventures available on the web or create your own stories!