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System discussion

  • Order 66 Podcast - Your premiere podcast for all things related to the Star Wars: The Edge of the Empire

  • Skill Monkey - Breakdowns of systems and how to run things well

  • The Hydian Way - Making your Star Wars RPG awesome

System Discussion Podcasts

  • Principle Cast - Kat Kuhl, James D'Amato, and Johnny O'Mara

  • Genre(s) and Style - Discussion, Fandom, Comedy

  • About - Never Tell Me the Pods is a Star Wars discussion podcast hosted by Pranks Paul, and featuring Kat Kuhl, James D’Amato, and Johnny O’Mara. NTMtP is a loving analysis of Star Wars and its fandom, with plenty of terrible puns and enthusiasm to spare.

Actual Play Podcasts

  • Principle Cast - GM Ryan, Tom, Damo, Dan, Will

  • Genre(s) and Style - Story-Heavy, Comedy, Rules-Flexible

  • About - Coming together out of necessity, this group of renegades escaped the grasp of their Hutt crime lord, stole his ship, liberated his slaves, and returned to end his reign. Their final escape from Tatooine caught the eye of the empire; narrowly avoiding destruction, they returned to Ryloth to seek help from those they saved. In exchange for future employment, their ship, renamed to The Auditor, was repaired and remade. The Auditors were born.

  • Principle Cast - GM Ben, Colin Baker, Wes Potts, Tim Camey

  • Genre(s) and Style - Comedy, Drama

  • About - This is Highly Suspect, the flagship (and first) show by Bad Form Podcast. Highly Suspect Is a Star Wars actual-play podcast in the Fantasy Flight Games RPG system Edge of the Empire. We also use elements of Fantasy Flight’s other Star Wars systems, Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny. Highly Suspect takes place two years into the Clone Wars and revolves around a team of thieves, and a big job that gets a little out of control.

  • Principle Cast - GM TJ, Charles, Tyler, Mike, Dom, and Kat

  • Genre(s) and Style - Story-Heavy, general Comedy

  • About - Set during the original trilogy, a small group of not quite rebels: a Bounty Hunter, a Mechanic, a former Night Sister, a former slave, awakened to the force, and an almost-Padawan all try to make their way through the galaxy in an attempt to survive.

Coruscant Nights by Night Cast Creative

  • Principle Cast - GM Mark Eberhardt, Doug Eberhardt, Nikki Smetters

  • Genre(s) and Style - Anthology, One-on-one, Mystery

  • About - Coruscant Nights is a Star Wars Actual Play RPG anthology podcast set at the end of the Clone Wars era. Each set of episodes introduces a new character with a new player in our ever-expanding mystery filled cityscape. Neon lights and synth-style music provide a backdrop to our growing mysteries and everything is connected in an overarching meta-plot. Coruscant Nights prioritizes one-Player one-GM game sessions and bringing new players to the gaming table.

  • Principle Cast - GM Andrew Armstrong III, Rotating Actual Play Guests

  • Genre(s) and Style - Anthology, Adventure, Rebellion, Intrigue, One Shots

  • About - Greetings and welcome to the Dicey Cantina. We are but a humble watering hole in the slums of the planet Druckenwell. The smugglers and swoopers, who pass through here, are told amazing stories of resistance, and rebellion, against the harsh rule of the Galactic Empire; and tales, of the Heroes that would build a movement on hope. The Dicey Cantina Podcast brings you adventures of intrigue, played out as an actual-play Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games. On Mondays we tell character driven stories through the lens of our own small, but "colorful" spot in the galaxy.

  • Principle Cast - GMDewayne Feenstra, Joe, Velvet, Nemoy Kyle

  • Genre(s) and Style - Crime Dramedy

  • About - Flight Risk is a Star Wars Actual Play Crime Dramedy, using the FFG Star Wars ruleset, set during the Old Republic Era. Join Flight Risk, an eccentric group of mercenaries, as they are thrust into the dark and violent world of organized crime. As agents of an enigmatic Count, they traverse the Outer Rim in an attempt to not only survive but to realize their destiny without losing their souls. Flight Risk is hosted by DeWayne Feenstra with players Joe, Velvet, Nemoy, and Kyle joined by additional guest stars from the podcast community each week.

  • Principle Cast - GMs Adam and Ed Fortune; Mikey, Mim, and Ross

  • Genre(s) and Style - Action, Comedy, Horror, Mystery

  • About - Force Majeure is an actual play podcast using Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Force and Destiny system. The show follows an eclectic gathering of Force users as they try to find their way in a hostile galaxy. At present we have two campaigns running on alternating seasons, as well as intermission one-shots.

The Coldfire Chronicles is run by Adam, and follows four fugitives as they flee from the dreaded Inquisitorious and try to find out what happened to the lost Jedi Knight Daverin Coldfire.

Our second campaign is Shadows of the Jedi, run by Ed Fortune. On the Outer Rim world of Cynabale, a misbegotten group of fringers and losers are thrown together for a job they couldn't turn down, the fallout of which could change that sector of the Galaxy for all time...

  • About - Playthroughs of official adventures

  • Principle Cast - Joe Redemann, host and GM; Tyler Sprague, editor and creative assistant; Renee Hupp, co-host

  • Genre(s) and Style - Anthology-style one-shots, comedy/drama/adventure

  • About - NEW REPUBLIC RADIO is a Star Wars RPG actual play podcast set in the years following the Battle of Endor. Told in an anthology style, NRPR's story arcs follow the narratives of average beings as they struggle to find their way in the newly-freed but ever-dangerous Galaxy.

The subjects of NRPR's stories are just like you and me: simple people making their way through the world. Our protagonists cross paths with famous names and places as they chart their own course through an uncertain, but hopeful, future. On our show, though, we ask: what happens when the heroes of a Rebellion can no longer destroy, but must build back up? What happens when a galactic regime of Imperial order must ride the storm of chaos to survive? And even if the rulers change, how much of the scum and villainy stays the same?

In addition, NRPR is dedicated to expanding representation both in-world and at the gaming table. We boast a diverse cast of regular role-players and actors – as well as guests from all walks of life – inviting audiences to not just visit the worlds we create, but see themselves in the narratives.

If we cannot yet have peace, may we always have passion. New Republic Radio: Expand the Galaxy.

  • Principle Cast - GM Kat Kuhl, GM James D'Amato, John Patrick Cohen, Johnny O'Mara, Liz Anderson, Tyler Davis

  • Genre(s) and Style - Comedy, Rules-Flexible, Slice of Life, Pulpy

  • About The Mynock - Five years after Order 66... Three outlaws– a flirty smuggler, a former clone trooper, and a Rodian bounty hunter who's just figuring some stuff out– stumble onto the plans for an imperial super-weapon and become the most wanted criminals in the galaxy while also having to raise a child. To make matters worse, he's force sensitive and extremely precocious. We know this sounds like Rogue One and The Mandolorian, but we definitely did it first, also it's much closer to Three Men and a Baby.

  • About Skyjacks - 200 years after the stars fell making the oceans foul and the seasons wild... four unlikely friends abord the most notorious pirate ship in the sky share a terrible secret: their captain is dead, and they've been using necromancy to pretend he is alive for months. They have to maintain the ruse to keep the ship in the sky and their heads. Basically, it's Weekend at Bernie's on a flying pirate ship.

  • Principle Cast - GM Chris Ing, Matt Ing

  • Genre(s) and Style - One-on-One

  • About -

  • Principle Cast - GM Angela Craft, Player Billy Coffing

  • Genre(s) and Style - One-on-One. Drama. Adventure with plenty of laughs.

  • About - 15 years ago, Order 66 was to eliminate the Jedi threat from the Galaxy. While many Jedi were purged, remnants of their Order litter the Galaxy. The Inquisitors are called in to handle any lingering threats from the Jedi legacy. Castian Saayah is one such Inquisitor. Raised to be a Jedi, but rescued from the darkness by the Empire, he approaches a crossroads in the Force as he seeks his true Destiny.

  • Principle Cast - GM Sam Wescott, Zack Harrison, Katie Harrison, Ean Warren

  • Genre(s) and Style - Comedy, Banter, Adventure

  • About - Corte Voss and the crew of the Titan's Mercy head out to wild space to collect a bounty, but are snared in an interdictor field as they attempt a shortcut through the Thornhedge Nebula. Gyd, Tad and Vickers must search a mysterious asteroid and find a way to destroy the generator that has trapped them here.

  • Principle Cast - Nick Robertson, Lilit Penrod, Cameron Robertson, Hudson Jameson

  • Genre(s) and Style - Comedy, Action-adventure, Rules-Flexible

  • About - Tabletop Squadron is a Star Wars Actual Play rpg podcast set during the time of the Empire. Come join us as a bounty hunter, a slicer, a colonist, and a smuggler are hired by a mysterious benefactor and must learn to work together and find out what's really important to them. It's a big galaxy out there, and we intend to explore it all!

  • Principle Cast - GM TechnoFunkBoy, Stephen, Atropos, Peter

  • Genre(s) and Style - Comedy, Action / Adventure

  • About - Tales from the Rusty Speeder tells the adventures of the rag-tag crew of the Oola as they shoot, claw, or steal vast amounts of toilet paper to get by. The captain is a spice-addled hairless Wookie, the muscle is a Trandoshan with a price on his head, and their protocol droid is normally the one who has to talk them out of the messes the other two create for themselves.

  • Principle Cast - GM Zach, Everett, Adam, John, Phai, Ryan Morse

  • Genre(s) and Style - Comedy, Drama, Thriller

  • About - Jedi Adventures takes place alongside, but disconnected from, the Clone Wars. We follow two Jedi Explorer Corps members as they uncover a lost remnant of a ancient precursor race and a doctor on the run with a "shifty" secret. We mostly use Edge of the Empire and Force and Destiny, and we try to pull from Legends/EU lore as much as possible. We hope to have our second show launched soon!