Official Game Books

With over 50 official texts, ranging from core rulebooks to adventures and era sourcebooks, Star Wars RPG is the most content-rich tabletop roleplaying game in the world. Explore the variety of official sources below.

Don't know where to start? We recommend the Beginner Games followed by a Core Rulebook of your choice.

Edge of the EMPIRE

Beginner Box

  • Edge of the Empire Beginner Game

  • Long Arm of the Hutt (Beginner Box Free Downloadable Adventure)

Core Rules

  • Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook

  • Edge of the Empire Game Master’s Kit

Specialization Sourcebooks

  • Enter the Unknown (A Sourcebook for Explorers)

  • Dangerous Covenants (A Sourcebook for Hired Guns)

  • Far Horizons (A Sourcebook for Colonists)

  • Fly Casual (A Sourcebook for Smugglers)

  • Special Modifications (A Sourcebook for Technicians)

  • No Disintegrations (A Sourcebook for Bounty Hunters)

Location Sourcebooks

  • Suns of Fortune (A Sourcebook for the Corellian Sector)

  • Lords of Nal Hutta (A Sourcebook for Hutt Space)

Adventure Supplements

  • Beyond the Rim (Adventure Supplement)

  • The Jewel of Yavin (Adventure Supplement)

  • Mask of the Pirate Queen (Adventure Supplement)

Online Tools

  • Under a Black Sun (Free RPG Day Downloadable Adventure)

Force & Destiny

Beginner Box

  • Force and Destiny Beginner Game

  • Lure of the Lost

Core Rules

  • Force and Destiny Core Rulebook

  • Force and Destiny Game Master’s Kit

Specialization Sourcebooks

  • Keeping the Peace (A Guardians Sourcebook)

  • Endless Vigil (A Sentinals Sourcebook)

  • Savage Spirits (A Seekers Sourcebook)

  • Unlimited Power (A Mystics Sourcebook)

  • Knights of Fate (A Warriors Sourcebook)

  • Disciples of Harmony (A Consulars Sourcebook)

Location Sourcebooks

  • Nexus of Power (A Sourcebook of Worlds Strong in the Force)

Adventure Supplements

  • Chronicles of the Gatekeeper (Adventure Supplement)

  • Ghosts of Dathomir (Adventure Supplement)

Age of Rebellion

Beginner Box

  • Age of Rebellion Beginner Game

  • Operation Shadowpoint (Free Downloadable Adventure)

Core Rules

  • Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook

  • Age of Rebellion Game Master’s Kit

Specialization Sourcebooks

  • Stay on Target (A Sourcebook for Aces)

  • Desperate Allies (A Sourcebook for Diplomats)

  • Lead by Example (A Sourcebook for Commanders)

  • Forged in Battle (A Sourcebook for Soldiers)

  • Fully Operational (A Sourcebook for Engineers)

  • Cyphers and Masks (A Sourcebook for Spies)

Location Sourcebooks

  • Strongholds of Resistance (A Sourcebook of Alliance Worlds)

Adventure Supplements

  • Onslaught of Arda I (An Adventure Supplement)

  • Friends Like These (An Adventure Supplement)

Rebellion Day

  • Rescue at Glare Peak (A Rebellion Day Adventure Supplement)

Era & COllection

Beginner Box (Force Awakens)

  • Force Awakens Beginner Game

  • A Call for Heroes (A Free Downloadable Adventure)

Clone Wars

  • Rise of the Seperatists (An Era Sourcebook)

  • Collapse of the Republic (An Era Sourcebook)

Dark Times

  • Dawn of Rebellion (An Era Sourcebook)

Essential Collection Books

  • Allies and Adversaries (The Essential Collection of Heroes and Villians)

  • Gadgets and Gear (The Essential Collection of Weapons and Equipment)

  • Starships and Speeders (The Essential Collection of Vehicles)