Name Generators

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NPC & Shop, & Item Generators

  • by Celo - Has a number of customization options that allows for a highly-tailored shop.

  • Roll-20 Weapon Macro Generator - A Google sheet that creates a Roll-20 Macro for individual weapons. Very Useful.

  • JMurray's Merchant Generator - Built specifically to generate unique merchant NPCs, if you're into that. It hasn't been updated since 2017, but it includes the majority of the system's gear.

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Ship & Location Generators

  • Corellian Ship Designer - Incredibly thorough and impressive Corellian Silhouette builder. Can build any Corellian Amalgam your heart desires.

  • Medieval City Generator - A useful app that helps build smaller Outposts and villages.

  • City Generator by Oskarstalberg - In this generator, you click to procedurally "fill in" different districts and develop them further. Very neat.

  • Planet Generator by Don Jon - Generates worlds, their biomes and geology. Simple to use.

  • PlanetMaker by Kevin M. Gill - Really expansive planet builder. Lots of variables and documentation.

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Mission Generators