Virtual TableTops

Looking for a community to LFG digital games within? Your first stop shop is the community Discord. Check out the #looking-for-games channel and #campaign-postings to find a group to play with on the platform of your choice.

  • Made specifically for the SWRPG community and the Genesys community.

  • Create character sheets online and run the games either through the excellent user interface or from discord using their dice bot.

  • Fully supports Oggdude's SWRPG Character Generator, one of the primary char-gen tools for the system.

  • Perfect for theater-of-the-mind games where the main necessities are character creation and rolling.

  • Free to use, grants new features early via their Patreon.

- Editor's Choice

  • One of the oldest and most prominent VTTs out there.

  • Given the broad range of RPG support, it is not tailor-made for SWRPG.

  • Has a feature-complete SWRPG Character Sheet, but is ultimately cumbersome. There are better options.

  • The API for SWRPG requires the GM to have Mentor-level subscription to access.

  • Roll 20 Crash Course

Roll 20 Tips & Tools

  • The premier Board Game simulator on Steam. Also works well for running SWRPG game, and you get to "physically" roll dice in 3D.

  • Normally costs $20, but goes on sale frequently for $10. Requires each player to purchase, but there is a bundle option.

TTS Mod List

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Other Discord Dice-Rollers

D1-C3 Bot by SkyJedi